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Personalized Medicine Is The Next Hot Thing In Cancer Treatment

Mar 23, 2017 AM EDT Precision medicine targets cells that cause cancer and spare the healthy cells

Thinnest Silver Layer That Could Revolutionize Technology

Mar 23, 2017 AM EDT The University of Michigan researchers were able to create the thinnest silver layer that could change consumer electronics.

5 Books To Read Before Going To College

Mar 22, 2017 AM EDT It wouldn't hurt if students read these books before they even entered college

UMUC Is 'Tearing Itself Apart' On Purpose In Order To Survive

Mar 22, 2017 AM EDT The UMUC is unbundling itself to cater to more students while remaining profitable at the same time

Deadly Spiders Offer Hope To Stroke Patients

Mar 22, 2017 AM EDT Funnel web spider venom has a chemical that might prevent brain damage in stroke victims

Disney Is Bringing Sci-Fi Fantasy Reality Right Into Your Homes [VIDEO]

Mar 22, 2017 AM EDT Disney Research has created a room powered with wireless electricity

The Age Of Star Wars: Laser Weapons In The U.S. Military By 2020

Mar 22, 2017 AM EDT The U.S. military is preparing to transition its weapon systems to become laser-based, which is more powerful and efficient than the existing ones.

Harvard Researcher Says Africans Are 100% Pure Human Than The Rest

Mar 21, 2017 PM EDT Two separate studies reveal that only Africans possess 100 percent human DNA while the rest have Neanderthal genes in them

Physics Girl: The Woman Who Makes A Living Explaining Science On YouTube

Mar 21, 2017 AM EDT Meet Physics Girl, a YouTube sensation who earned her fame by explaining complex physics lessons in a simple way on YouTube

Former Football Player Who Becomes A Neurosurgeon At Harvard

Mar 21, 2017 AM EDT Former Florida State defensive Myron Rolle announced that he is going to Harvard Medical School for his neurosurgeon residency.

Meet The Real Professor X Who Has A Mission To Beat Major Tech Companies

Mar 21, 2017 AM EDT The real Professor X is ready to disrupt technology and take on big tech firms

Deep Brain Stimulation Might Be The Key To Curing Psychiatric Disorders

Mar 21, 2017 AM EDT Technological advances will make it possible in the future to use deep brain stimulation to cure psychiatric disorders

8 Elite College Startups In 2017

Mar 21, 2017 AM EDT Here are 8 college startups chosen by voters as the hottest and most innovative in 2017

Volkswagen Academy: Where Education And Economic Growth Meets

Mar 21, 2017 AM EDT Volkswagen Academy teams up with Tennessee to produce more graduates that will boost manpower in the state

Google Maps Helps You Find Your Car Easily In The Parking Lot

Mar 21, 2017 AM EDT Google Maps has a new feature which allows users to easily find their cars in a parking area

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