Career Planning: Ditching Your End Goals Could Lead To Your Dream Job


A lot of people, especially college students, view their career path like a well-lighted street where you can just walk clearly and easily only to find out that it is actually a maze that you have to navigate guided by common sense, intuition, and a lot of other factors. Thus, in order to arrive at your dream job, the most logical thing to do is not to have an end goal.

The recommendation might sound as the most illogical advice you'll ever get, much more if you are a college student planning your future after you graduate. However, consider this research saying that there is a 75 percent probability that you will end up being in a job that is very unrelated to the major you had in college.

This does not mean, of course, that you ditch preparation as well but rather, removing the idea of an end goal. Instead, focus on the habits that you have every day. As Seneca and Oprah Winfrey said, "luck is preparation meeting opportunity."

The world is an ocean, not an aquarium

The world is an ocean filled with a lot of people as well as opportunities and chances to make yourself grow and expand your network. That thought should be the fuel for you to take steps that can lead to something wonderful.

For example, if there is a project in the office which needs volunteers, don't hesitate to be part of it even if it is just small in scale or not a stuff made from dreams. That opportunity can help you learn new skills or allow you to meet new people. More so, that experience can let you discover new talents and skills you never knew exists all because you moved out of your comfort zone.

Move further out of your comfort zone

Getting out of your comfort zone does not only mean doing new things but also meeting new people that are way out of your network. These people might be different from the people you usually go out with but they could lead you to the next better opportunity of your life. Therefore, don't hesitate talking to the person next to you on the plane or invite a former colleague for lunch.

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