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A Nobel Prize Winner Shares Strategy To Master Any Subject


Richard Feynman is an American theoretical physicist and a Nobel Peace prize awardee for his contribution to quantum electrodynamics. Aside from that, he also developed a mental model which allowed the practitioner to study more efficiently and learn almost everything. The main reason why the technique is effective is because of its simplicity.

Make sure that a child can understand it

One of the reasons why people give up on learning something is because they start with the difficult lessons. However, the right way to study something new is emulating the natural pattern of learning. How did people learn to speak or gain knowledge? In the same way, make sure that when you begin to learn something new, it should start with the most basic. In short, it can be understood by a child even when it is explained to him or her.

Avoid using complicated methods or jargons but teach yourself to learn concepts and ideas to its simplest form. It might be difficult but it will give the person more opportunities to learn as they delve deeper into the simple.


While learning, the person might encounter some lessons that are difficult to comprehend at first. However, reviewing the lessons again and again until the concept or idea is understood. Reviewing the subject is also the start of learning because the person goes back to the lesson or concept where they got stuck and study it again until they gain understanding.

Simplify further

After reviewing the notes, study them again and evaluate whether there are still explanations that need to be simplified further. Make sure that no vocabulary or jargon has been borrowed from the original source. Once everything is understood and simplified, organize them for a better read.

The true test of the knowledge will be the ability of the learner to be able to convey what he or she has learned to another person.

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