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Mathematical Calculation Proves The Existence Of God


Ax. 1. {P(φ)∧∀x[φ(x)→ψ(x)]} →P(ψ)Ax. 2.P(¬φ)↔¬P(φ)Th. 1.P(φ)→◊∃x[φ(x)]Df. 1.G(x)⟺∀φ[P(φ)→φ(x)]Ax. 3.P(G)Th. 2.◊∃xG(x)Df. 2.φ ess x⟺φ(x)∧∀ψ{ψ(x)→∀y[φ(y)→ψ(y)]}Ax. 4.P(φ)→P(φ)Th. 3.G(x)→G ess xDf. 3.E(x)⟺∀φ[φ ess x→∃yφ(y)]Ax. 5.P(E)Th. 4.∃xG(x)

The mathematical equation from above might look like an undecipherable code but it is a famous theorem created by the Austrian-American mathematician and philosopher Kurt Friedrich Godel. The same calculation was used by Godel to prove that God exists, a proof that was later verified by a team of computer scientists.

With that mathematical calculation, Godel added three definitions saying that a "God-like" being has all positive properties and that the essence of a being is the property the being has, and that property suggests any property of that being. The third definition states that the necessary existence of that being is really necessary and that all of that being's essence exist. He, then, concluded that being god-like is the essence of any God-like being.

Two computer scientists, Christoph Benzmüller of Berlin's Free University and Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo of the Technical University in Vienna, run Godel's equation on a computer to test it. According to them, however, their main objective for the research was not to prove God's existence but to showcase the power of the program.

The program used by the computer scientists had to deal with modal logic which can identify words like necessity and possibility. In philosophy, modal logic deals with statements that talk about possibility and necessity, such as "if something exists" or "if all this something has this property, then."

According to them, they used different kinds of modal logic systems to see if Godel's proof is indeed true. The result of the research left the two computer scientists amazed saying how Godel's calculations can be proven automatically in just a matter of seconds.

Godel's method to prove the existence of God through his mathematical equation is not unique. Euclid also used the same method using axioms and definitions using them to build theorems while applying logic at the same time. The only way to disprove these axioms is to disagree with one or two of them. The same thing applies to Godel's proof, if one wishes to discredit or disqualify him, they have to change one or two given axioms.

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