Princeton University Has The Most Graduates With The Least Debt


Student debt has become one of the biggest problems of both incoming and graduating college students. Reports have shown that student tuition and student debt are rising alongside each other. Despite this, there are still universities and colleges where students graduate with less debt and Princeton is on top of the list of these educational institutions.

According to U.S. News, 263 national universities submitted their data in an annual survey and students from 25 of these universities graduate with an average debt burden of $18,587. Moreover, only 16 percent of Princeton's graduating students in 2015 left school with an average debt of $8,577.

Coming in second to Princeton is the University of Texas - Arlington with its students graduating with $14,743 in student loans. However, 84 percent of their graduates have debts, which is a very big difference compared to Princeton.

Princeton is not the only Ivy League university that has students with less or without any type of loan. In fact, more than half of Ivy league universities are in the same position as Princeton. Thanks to their large endowments which allow them to better assist students with financial support. In 2015 alone, 40 percent of graduates from these Ivy league schools took any federal loan of any kind.

The other 25 national universities that made this list can be accessed through this link. Meanwhile, to complete the top ten list, the University of Chicago and Yale University share the third place.

In fifth place are Columbia University and Stanford University; Massachusetts Institute of Technology is in seventh place; in eighth place are Duke University and the University of Pennsylvania. The tenth spot are shared by the California institute of Technology and the Northwestern University.

Parents and incoming freshmen can explore these universities further by visiting their individual websites and see what financial aid and their requirements are available for students.

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