6 Tips To Ace Stanford's Business School Interview


Stanford is one of the prime destination of those who want a business degree. However, the institution's interview process is also one of the most competitive in the world with only eight percent of the applicants getting admitted. No one really knows what questions will thrown during the interview process, but admission officers said that Stanford is looking for candidates who can do ordinary things extraordinarily. Here are some tips how to make an impression during the interview process at Stanford.

Have a thoughtful answer why you chose Stanford

If you answer the question the same way everybody does, you risk being overlooked by the interviewer. Instead, think of a thoughtful answer to the question to show the admission officers that you have taken the time to formulate your answer. This includes looking at the programs they have and mentioned that during the interview. Moreover, the interviewers will also expect that you ask them thoughtful questions as well as it demonstrates your deep interest in the college.

Show them your vision and passion

Your vision goes beyond being on top of the corporate ladder. It doesn't matter if you have accomplished a lot already or not but in how you see the great possibilities in the future. Aside from that, you should show how passionate you are to let them show what's important to you. What makes you get up in the morning and keeps you going every day?

Show that you are a giver

Stanford is looking for people who will thrive in a give and take culture, more so those who are givers, people who create value and empower others to become leaders. Givers are leaders who contribute to the community and make it bigger and more vibrant.

Show them how you made an impact

Leaders are those who have made an impact in the lives of people around them as well as in the projects they have managed. You have to show the interviewers about past projects and achievements where you demonstrated your leadership style. It doesn't really matter how big the project is but the most important thing is the impact you have made in the things that are important to you.

Demonstrate self-awareness

Self-awareness is how you show people why you value one thing over others. It also includes your motivations, the lessons you've learned, and what is lies more behind your career goals. Self-awareness is also your ability to identify what your strengths and weaknesses are.

Demonstrate open-mindedness

Being open-minded also means that you have a global mindset. This means that you can find a common ground and forge meaningful relationship with those who are different from you. Demonstrating an open-mindedness also gives the interviewers an idea that you can adapt and thrive outside your comfort zone.

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