Best 5 Android and iOS Apps You Can Use in Case of Emergency

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Spotting a story about wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes, health scares, or missing people doesn't take long. Such accidents, sadly, happen quite often nowadays. Even though no one wants to think they're going to face an emergency, chances are you or someone you know will be in an urgent situation and might need help.

It's critical to be prepared whether it's a weather-related disaster, a lost loved one or someone in need of first aid. To learn how to prepare for the worst-case scenario, you would need to educate yourself either reading online or enrolling in an emergency response training offered in some schools or government agencies.

Nevertheless, with the following eight apps you can also prepare by asking immediate help with the touch of an SOS button. Each of these apps may provide peace of mind and assistance in case of an emergency.


The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) helps people with disaster preparedness, prevention, and recovery.

Stay informed, safe and linked during natural disasters by using the FEMA app to share real-time updates with your loved ones through text, social media or email.

This app can also help locate emergency shelters and locate nearby Disaster Recovery Centers. The app is free for both devices running Android and iOS.

2. AccuWeather

Every year, natural disasters affect millions of people and can be life-threatening. The AccuWeather app will help you stay updated and safe with your loved ones.

The free AccuWeather app provides severe weather warnings in real-time as well as accurate weather forecasts. Certain features include radar for tracking current conditions and predicted patterns of weather. Android and iOS versions of this app are available.

3. First Aid - American Red Cross

Have you ever wondered what you would do if someone you loved had a health problem like a broken bone or a heart attack and they didn't get to a hospital immediately? When counting minutes, an app can be invaluable.

The Red Cross First Aid app shows a directory of the closest hospitals and offers clear guidance on many health issues, including how to treat a broken bone, heat stroke, burns, and how to perform CPR. You can dial 911 from the phone anytime. First Aid is available for devices running Android and iOS.

4. Red Panic Button

If you are alone and have a life-threatening health problem, you may not be able to call or talk to emergency personnel. If that's the case, you could save your life with the Red Panic Button app.

The free version will share your GPS location with a single panic button and send a panic SMS and email to contacts on your list. The Android and iOS app are available.

5. Noonlight

If you're in a frightening situation, but you're not sure that warranting a 911 call is dangerous enough, the Noonlight app will help you stay safe. Press the Noonlight button whenever you feel uncomfortable. When you press the button at any point without entering your four-digit key, the police will be sent to your location.

Even if you can't speak, you can connect with Noonlight dispatchers anytime through text. The app can be found in both free and paid Android and iOS subscriptions.

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