Hacks To Get Your Starbucks Habit On A College Student Budget


College is very expensive and you should have all come to know that if you are a student. It could be more difficult to pass by especially when you do not have the financial help to get through the semester because you have spent your savings on paying your tuition, not to mention your other expenses. But because college life is stressful, you need your coffee fix, which is already becoming a typical part of college experience, only that it can be financially crippling, especially when you have developed your Starbucks habit.

According to Finance, one common college money saving tip is to avoid buying your coffee and make your own instead. It could be true because spending every morning on a Starbucks grande can be a dent especially when you are living on a budget. However, since you need your coffee fix to make your no-so-good days a little better, here are some tips to help you reduce the cost according to USA Today College.

Make your coffee at home

While you know that you can definitely make your own coffee at home, you may not really realize how much you could save. According to a financial planner, Cary Carbonaro, you can save around $277 over eight months if you make your own cup instead of opting for a freshly brewed cup at Starbucks.

Take advantage of some hacks to reduce coffee shop costs

There are definitely some discounts a lot of coffee shops offer, and you can take advantage of them. The membership cards you also get from them entitles you to free items after accumulating a certain number of points.

Look for cheaper coffee shops

Why do you always go to Starbucks in the first place? Is there something about their coffee that you particularly love or is it because it has become a habit? If it is simply a habit, there are a lot of options and places you can visit in order to get your coffee fix.

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