From Student to Employee: Why College Students Need To Heed Career Services Advice


Career services play a significant role when it comes to helping students with the path they are taking to their future careers. They deserve to be given the guidance and resources they need, or they will be looking elsewhere for support. This something that should be given a high priority regardless of the student's race and status.

Colleges and universities should have career services to help students navigate the job search process, but apparently, this does not happen all the time. According to The Guardian, students from poorer background face a so-called "class earnings penalty" because of the inadequate careers advice to these students.

Careers advice in schools are important especially for students with disadvantaged background, because it will help them see what they can still achieve and will open their eyes to a world full of possibilities. The continuous increase in the tuition and fees mean that the youth have a greater need for careers advice than ever before.

According to GoodCall, students who take advantage of the career services find that their school did a great job in terms of preparing them for the real life after college. It is also found that these students who have access to the career services office have a higher likelihood to be employed in a full time basis and find their job satisfying and fulfilling.

Mark Weatherhead, vice principal of Ernest Bevin College in south-west London, said that it is essential to provide connections between students and employers, because there are going to be thousands and thousands of jobs in the future, and it is important for these students to see the opportunities that await them.

It is now being left into the hands of the educational institutions to find the time and resources so that they can incorporate job and careers advice into their curriculum, to cater to the students who need it most.

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