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The Truth About Free College Education


About 20 million students go to college each year, and a year of public college education costs more or less $10,000, but going to private institutions will even cost more. College costs are also increasing every year and that's a fact we cannot deny. And that is why most people push the idea of free college education so that more students will be able to afford earning a higher education with reduced student loans.

According to MarketWatch, free college is not actually free. That is because taxpayers will be the ones who would foot the bill so that students and families will no longer have to pay for the college education costs. And this is not something someone who has a career of his own would want to do.

College only takes 2 to 10 years, 10 years is the longest if a student decides to go post-graduate school or get into a medical school. But the burden of paying taxes for someone else's college education is something any working individual will have to bear for the rest of his life. And although there are countries where college education was made free, students do not feel the pressure and the sense of urgency to graduate and join the workforce because the payments for their college costs do not come out of their own pockets, according to The Highlander.

The burden of college debt can possibly be alleviated by more forgiving interest rates, and scholarship grants can be funded by donations from alumni. The danger of making education free is that it can be prone to abuse and misuse. Instead, free education can be awarded and granted to those who really deserve it, to those who really have big dreams of earning a degree but are in dire need of financial assistance.

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