A Parent’s Guide To Helping Their Kids In The College Admissions


The college preparation is one goal that both a parent and child should be working towards and it is only imperative that parents take part in this process, to help their child achieve success. College life presents a lot of new different challenges for the high school students as they take another step and become college freshman. Aside from the fact that your child will be living away from home for the first time, this is also the time when they will begin managing their own time as well as finances.

However, according to Forbes, going overboard when it comes to parents helping their children to get admission to a college or university can be detrimental to their growth as individuals. It can possibly lead to the child taking majors that they do not entirely want in the first place until it affects the child's grades and participation in school. This is the reason why manipulation is being discouraged and using a light is instead being recommended.

What these students need is to feel that you are close enough to provide support and advice without suppressing their natural need to grow and ability to express freely. Avoid being helicopter parents, according to Alumnus. Helicopter parents are afraid, and are scared that their children will make mistakes. The truth is when a child makes a mistake and learn from it by themselves that is how they learn to recover when they fail again.

By trying to avoid helicopter parenting, your child will mature more quickly - mature to make decisions as an adult, most especially when they start being on their own in college; mature enough to make a choice when it comes to their career and what goals they want to achieve after college.

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