The Most Expensive Colleges in the U.S.


College costs are constantly increasing, there's no doubt about that. It holds true for both public and private schools in the United States which equates to the also increasing student loan debt. Around 5 years back, 149 colleges and universities in America charged at least $50,000 per year for the tuition and fees, CBS News reported. But according to Business Insider, not all states have equal costs when it comes to education, because there are institutions which, despite being the most expensive in their area, still appear less costly for its local students.

From New York to California, here are some of the colleges that may cost you money, according to the data from The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, N.Y.

Sarah Lawrence is a liberal arts college that is about an hour drive from New York City. It is considered as the most expensive college in the US with $65,480 for tuition, room and board and other fees. It takes pride that it has twice the student contact with professors compared to other colleges.

Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA

Harvey Mudd is a small school where only about 800 students can fit, and it boasts it student faculty ratio of 9:1 and their state of the art science lab facilities. Total tuition and fees per year reach $64,000.

Columbia University, New York, NY

Columbia University which is found on Manhattan's Upper East Side costs $63,440 per year and that includes the room and board.

University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

The University of Chicago, which was chosen as the future home of Obama Presidential Center, has listed its tuition at $49,026, not including the room and board which roughly costs $14,772. The good thing about this school is that the students who qualify can receive some financial aid.

Claremont McKenna College, Claremont, CA

Claremont McKenna is about 35 miles east of Los Angeles and boasts about their being the most selective in the country. They offer a student faculty ratio of 8:1 and has tuition of $62,215, annually.

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