Income Gap Widens Between College Grads and Undergrads


When it comes to financial capabilities, not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to attain higher education and earn a degree. A college degree, like what most of us perceive, is one of the best ways to land a better job and career, and lead a more comfortable life in the future. But how about those who have not finished college? Those who are only holding a high school diploma?

According to USA Today, Americans who have no more than high school diploma are falling behind college graduates when it comes to their economic lives and that the income gap between college graduates and the rest has just reached its widest point.

After the recession in 2009, the workers who have earned a college degree were able to land good paying jobs and enjoyed promising salary. The value of college degree nowadays is becoming greater and greater than it used to be half a century ago. In fact, Pew Research Center found that income gap between the workers with bachelor's degree and those who do not have is now wider compared to the previous generations, US News reported.

College graduates have been enjoying economic benefits over the Americans who attained less education. And as to why this happened is because the demand for educated workers increased with the retirement of older Americans who were more likely high school graduates. Long after the recession ended, college graduates strived to find good paying jobs during a time when the economy was recovering.

Despite the belief of a few experts that the solution lies on sending more students to college and finish a four-year degree, labor economists believe that there is still hope for high school graduates - which is to obtain skills in the fields and industries that are becoming more in demand today.

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