‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Best Legendary Pokemons Locations Revealed [VIDEO]


In the "Pokemon" franchise, there are a lot of Pokemons to capture in it, especially some of the rare ones like Legendary ones. In "Pokemon Sun and Moon," fans would want to capture all of the Legendary Pokemons and the Ultra Beasts in it either for collection or for a stronger lineup. Here are the locations for the best Legendary and Ultra Beast Pokemons in the game.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" Solgaleo and Lunala

According to Nintendo Insider, Solgaleo and Lunala is encountered automatically at the Altar of the Sunne and the Altar of the Moone respectively. After battling it for a while, Lillie will suggest to capture the Legendary Pokemons, which means players can capture them without any difficulty.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" Cosmog

Cosmog is an extremely rare Pokemon that only a few people in Alola know about it. After becoming the Champion, players have to arrive at the Altar of the Sunne at night in Pokemon Sun, or Lake of the Moone during the day in Pokemon Moon with Solgaleo or Lunala in their party.

Players will encounter a portal that will take them in the Lake of the Sunne, or Lake of the Moone. Cosmog will appear and choose to be with the party. When it reaches level 43, it will evolve into Cosmoem.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" Nihilego

According to the official website of Serebii, Nihilego is one of the Ultra Beasts that players are tasked to capture after causing trouble all over the Alola region. Its location is on Route 8 in Diglett's Tunnel or the Wela Volcano Park area. They will need Beast Balls to capture it and they also need to be prepared since it is level 55.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" Guzzlord

The highest level Ultra Beast in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is the Guzzlord, which is at level 70. It can be found in the Seafolk Village, Resolution Cave. Players will need to go down the basement of the cave and be prepared for its strong Dark and Dragon attacks.

Check out the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Legendary Pokemon Guide video below:

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