Pokemon Releases Mythical Genesect Giveaway To Continue 20th Anniversary Celebration [VIDEO]


The Pokemon company has announced that they will release the mythical Pokemon Genesect as a giveaway to continue celebrating the 20th anniversary celebration. The Genesect plush toy is also available at Gamestop.

Fast approaching "Pokemon" 20th anniversary celebration end

The Pokemon company is celebrating their franchise's 20th anniversary all year long by giving out special Pokemon to different video games like "Pokemon X," "Pokemon Y," "Pokemon Omega Ruby," and "Pokemon Alpha Sapphire." Now the celebration will come to its end by December, which is why they are giving out a special Pokemon this time around. According to the official website of Pokemon 20, fans will be able to get the mythical Pokemon Genesect in select stores.

How to acquire mythical Pokemon Genesect

The second to the last mythical Pokemon to acquire for the November entry is the insect type Genesect, which first appeared in the Unova region. To acquire it, players need to go pick up the code in a participating GameStop store in the United States, while in Canada they can visit EB Games.

To get the mythical Pokemon, players must first head to the menu and select receive gift, and then choose the get with code option. Enter the code for the mythical Pokemon and wait for it to download. Talk to the delivery girl in any Pokemon Center to receive the Pokemon.

When to acquire the mythical Pokemon Genesect code

Players who want to get the code must acquire it at GameStop stores starting Nov. 1. They are warned to redeem the code in their selected games by February 28, 2017. They are also advised to collect the Drives that change the type of its Techno Blast move in "Pokemon Omega Ruby" and "Pokemon Alpha Sapphire."

Pokemon Genesect plush toy available

According to the official website of GameStop, the online store is selling the "Pokemon" 20th anniversary limited edition Genesect eight inches Plush, which is only available at this store. Fans can buy this limited plush toy for only $16.99.

Check out the "Pokemon" 20th anniversary celebration with mythical Pokemon Genesect video below:

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