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Pokemon Sun and Moon

'Pokemon Sun & Moon' News: Players Fail Again On 2nd Global Mission; Patch 1.1 Improves Z-Moves And Bug Fixes [VIDEO]

Jan 13, 2017 AM EST Many have been surprised to see that the fans of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" have failed again at completing the second Global Mission that was released by Game Freak last month.

'Pokemon Sun & Moon' News: Things We Know So Far About Pokemon Bank; Fan Theory On Komala Detailed! [VIDEO]

Jan 10, 2017 AM EST As fans finish off the second Global Mission for "Pokemon Sun and Moon," they can now turn their attention to the upcoming Pokemon Bank update that was reported to be arriving this January 2017.

‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Latest Tips And Tricks: How To Check Your Hidden IV; Plus 3 Kick-Starters For Your 2017 Pokemon Hunting [REPORT]

Jan 07, 2017 AM EST Yes! “Pokemon Sun And Moon” Trainers can now check their Individual Values (IV) or the hidden stats applied on Pokemon after catching them. Check Pokemon IV details here – Plus 3 game changers ...

‘Pokémon Sun’ And ‘Moon’ Sequel & News: ‘Pokémon Stars’ Introducing 20 New Monsters On The Nintendo Switch

Jan 05, 2017 AM EST "Pokémon Stars," the sequel to "Pokémon Sun" and "Moon," will reportedly introduce 20 new Pokémon when it launches on the Nintendo Switch. The upcoming hybrid console is currently being regarded as ...

‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’: Second Global Mission Now Live [Video]

Dec 30, 2016 AM EST “Pokémon Sun and Moon” is once again live for another global mission, which has a slightly less lofty goal than the first global mission held just recently. The new global mission is now live ...

'Pokemon Sun & Moon' Official 'Alola Region Pokedex & Postgame Adventure Guide' Released In February; New Global Mission Revealed! [VIDEO]

Dec 27, 2016 AM EST It was recently announced that the official Alola guide will be released in February 2017 for the acclaimed "Pokemon Sun and Moon. Moreover, the second Global Mission has been revealed with new ...

‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Know How To Level Up Fast; Find Best Spots To Earn EXP [Video]

Dec 22, 2016 AM EST For "Pokémon Sun and Moon" players, how to level up fast is an important tool to fully enjoy the game and boost respective parties to take on elite trainers in the campaign. It is not often that ...

'Pokemon Sun & Moon' News: Matsumiya Explains Pokemon Timeline; Players Fail On First Global Mission [VIDEO]

Dec 19, 2016 AM EST Since the release of "Pokemon Sun and Moon," fans have been wondering where the latest installment places itself in the timeline of the Pokemon universe.

‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Best Legendary Pokemons Locations Revealed [VIDEO]

Dec 15, 2016 AM EST In the "Pokemon" franchise, there are a lot of Pokemons to capture in it, especially some of the rare ones like Legendary ones. In "Pokemon Sun and Moon," fans would want to capture all of the ...

How To Prepare For Capturing Ultra Beasts, Legendary Pokemons In ‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ [VIDEO]

Dec 13, 2016 AM EST In several Pokemon games, there are several Legendary Pokemons and Ultra Beast that have strong stats and amazing moves that can be vital to a player's team. In "Pokemon Sun and Moon," there are also ...

'Pokemon Sun & Moon' Update: Top 5 Pokemons To Catch In Alola Region; Tips On Farming Festival Points [VIDEO]

Dec 13, 2016 AM EST Sources dish out there two cents and list the top Pokemons that fans ought to look out for in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." Moreover, tips and tricks reveal how fans can farm the most Festival Points.

'Pokémon Sun and Moon': HD Renders Show It is Perfect For Nintendo Switch [Video]

Dec 13, 2016 AM EST 'Pokémon Sun and Moon' reportedly will have a version that will be coming out for the Nintendo Switch. The game already well into development will be launched in 2017 and given a codename 'Pokemon ...

Nintendo Rumors: Nintendo Switch To Get GameCube Support On Virtual Console, Switch To Get Pokemon Sun And Moon Version? [Video]

Dec 08, 2016 AM EST As Nintendo Switch gets closer to its release date, the news about the hardware is also getting bigger. A new report claims that the Virtual Console in the upcoming game console Nintendo Switch will ...

‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Tips, Tricks, Updates: Claim Mythical Magearna; ‘Pokemon X/Y’ Meloetta Available For Claiming [Video]

Dec 08, 2016 AM EST "Pokemon Sun and Moon" and "Pokemon X/Y" each has Mythical creatures available for claiming right now.

‘Pokémon Sun And Moon’ Magearna QR Code, Get It Now; Magearna Distribution Indefinite Or Only For A Limited Time? [Video]

Dec 06, 2016 AM EST The "Pokémon Sun and Moon" adds a new Pokémon distribution, Magearna, which can be accessed by using a QR code specific for every region. The Magearna QR code is only for those in North America, ...

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