How To Prepare For Capturing Ultra Beasts, Legendary Pokemons In ‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ [VIDEO]


In several Pokemon games, there are several Legendary Pokemons and Ultra Beast that have strong stats and amazing moves that can be vital to a player's team. In "Pokemon Sun and Moon," there are also several rare Pokemons that players might be curious of capturing. Here are some tips on how to prepare for capturing these Pokemons.

1. Prepare a lot of Pokeballs for capturing rare Pokemon

According to IGN, there are several Ultra Beasts and Legendary Pokemons in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" that can be captured in specific areas in Alola Region. In order to be ready, players should prepare a lot of recovery items for health and curing statuses since most of these Pokemon have status attacks. Most of all, they should be ready with a lot of Pokeballs to capture these rare creatures since they can easily break away on the first throw.

2. Save the game before start of capture

Before players try to capture the rare Ultra Beast or Legendary Pokemon in "Pokemon Sun and Moon," they should save their game right away. With it, they can safely play through the capture sequence until they can capture it successfully or run out of Pokeballs and fail miserably.

3. Quick reset can save a lot of items

For players who do not want to waste a lot of Pokeballs during their process of capturing the rare Pokemon in "Pokemon Sun and Moon," they should use the quick reset method, which is to simultaneously press the L, R, and the Start or Select buttons. This will reset the game right away, which is why the Save procedure before this step will help out.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" Magearna ready for download

According to the official website of Pokemon, players who have finished the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" main story can get the chance to get a Legendary Pokemon for free. They can download the Magearna Pokemon by scanning a QR Code available on the official website. 

Check out the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" All Legendary Pokemon Locations video below:

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