Niantic Releases ‘Pokemon Go’ In South Korea Despite Google Map Issues

Jan 27, 2017 AM EST 'Pokemon Go' has finally arrived in South Korea.

'Pokemon Sun & Moon' News: Players Fail Again On 2nd Global Mission; Patch 1.1 Improves Z-Moves And Bug Fixes [VIDEO]

Jan 13, 2017 AM EST Many have been surprised to see that the fans of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" have failed again at completing the second Global Mission that was released by Game Freak last month.

‘Pokémon Go’ Adds Years To Players’ Life, More Reason To Walk As Pokéstops Refresh Time Now Takes Longer [REPORT]

Jan 12, 2017 AM EST "Pokémon Go" is a popular Augmented Reality (AR) game where players are asked to catch a bunch of Pokémon while walking around. Niantic has kept players engaged in the game by featuring new Pokémon ...

'Pokemon Go' News: Second-half Of The Holiday Event Proved To Be Successful; Highest Grossing App In The US Detailed [VIDEO]

Jan 10, 2017 AM EST Niantic Labs' second half Holiday event update for its "Pokemon Go" has proven itself the most successful out of all event-related releases as it garners the top spot of highest grossing app in the ...

'Pokemon Sun & Moon' News: Things We Know So Far About Pokemon Bank; Fan Theory On Komala Detailed! [VIDEO]

Jan 10, 2017 AM EST As fans finish off the second Global Mission for "Pokemon Sun and Moon," they can now turn their attention to the upcoming Pokemon Bank update that was reported to be arriving this January 2017.

'Pokemon Snap' Released In Wii U Virtual Console For North America; 'Mario Kart 64' 2 Dollars Upgrade Detailed! [VIDEO]

Jan 05, 2017 AM EST Fans can now relieve and experience again the game "Pokemon Snap" on their Wii U consoles via its Virtual Console. Moreover, fans can transfer their "Mario Kart 64" game from the Wii Virtual Console ...

Play ‘Pokémon Go’ On The Apple Watch; What You Need To Know [Video]

Dec 31, 2016 AM EST The first announcement was made last September and after three months, Niantic announced that “Pokémon Go” is now available for the Apple Watch.

‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’: Second Global Mission Now Live [Video]

Dec 30, 2016 AM EST “Pokémon Sun and Moon” is once again live for another global mission, which has a slightly less lofty goal than the first global mission held just recently. The new global mission is now live ...

Pokemon Go Game Develops Skills In Teachers

Dec 29, 2016 AM EST Pokemon Go is being used as a tool for adults to develop growth.

Pokemon Go Update: Unique Rewards For Pokemon Go Players During Niantic’s Special Event

Dec 27, 2016 AM EST Niantic is having a special event for Pokemon Go in time for the holiday season and in this light, Niantic will give away unique rewards to avid players of the widely popular mobile game.

Pokemon GO Christmas: Welcomes Generation 2 Pokemon – Togepi, Pichu, Igglypuff; Sneak Peak To New Year Lure Event; Download Update Now [REPORT]

Dec 24, 2016 AM EST Pokemon GO Christmas event kicks off on the 25th with Generation 2 Pokemon from Johto era out for hunt. The event only lasts until January 3rd so trainers must download the Pokemon GO Generation 2 ...

‘Pokémon Trading Card Game’ Updated And Can Now Be Played Online; ‘Pokémon TGC Online’ [Video]

Dec 23, 2016 AM EST The "Pokémon TCG Online" got a refresh and virtually every aspect of the game has been improved. There are now better in-game graphics and animations, additional functionality including a new ...

‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Know How To Level Up Fast; Find Best Spots To Earn EXP [Video]

Dec 22, 2016 AM EST For "Pokémon Sun and Moon" players, how to level up fast is an important tool to fully enjoy the game and boost respective parties to take on elite trainers in the campaign. It is not often that ...

'Pokemon Sun & Moon' News: Matsumiya Explains Pokemon Timeline; Players Fail On First Global Mission [VIDEO]

Dec 19, 2016 AM EST Since the release of "Pokemon Sun and Moon," fans have been wondering where the latest installment places itself in the timeline of the Pokemon universe.

Pokemon Go Update: Pokemon Go For Apple Watch Development On Halt, Release Date Not Coming? Will The Smartwatch App Arrive Next Year?

Dec 19, 2016 AM EST Pokémon GO is Still Coming to Apple Watch, Despite Cancellation Hoax.

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