Secret Method To Acquire Level 10 Salamence On First Island Of ‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Revealed [VIDEO]


"Pokemon Sun and Moon" has a new mechanic called S.O.S. Battles, which allows the little monsters that have been found to call for help when they need it. Due to that mechanic, it can become annoying for players, but it can also be a fruitful encounter for them since some that come to help are rare Pokemon. One of those is the Salamence and here is the method on how to capture it on the first island.

Win the first "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Trial

According to Nintendoworld, players will need to finish the first Trial of "Pokemon Sun and Moon." This will allow them to gain access to Route 3 on Melemele Island. They will need to be on that route and then walk to the right side of the mountain and follow a grass section in the area.

Encounter a Bagon in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" area

Players will encounter the dragon Bagon in this area, which they can take on if they have finished Trial one at this time. It may take up some time to encounter this Pokemon because the chance of it appearing is very low.

Battle the Bagon in "Pokemon Sun and Moon"

When the players encounter the Bagon, they must leave the creature with little HP. This will allow the Pokemon to ask for reinforcements from its friends. Acquire the Adrenaline Orbs in stores in Melemele Island since it increases the chances for the opponent start the S.O.S. Battle. If it does not call for help, then they have to use attacks that do not cause damage.

Bagone appears usually as reinforcements

The ones that usually show up for S.O.S. Battles are Bagone, which is why players should knock them out immediately. After some time, a Salamence with level 10 or something similar will appear in the battle. Capture it immediately with different Poke Balls until it is theirs.

Salamence basic details

According to the official website of the Pokemon Database, the Salamence is a Dragon Flying type. It flies around on its wings, which have grown at last. It is the third evolution of the Bagon.

Check out the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" How To Get Salamance video below:

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