‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Reveals Necrozma Details, Method Of Capture [VIDEO]


The Pokemon Company has revealed the legendary Pokemon Necrozma in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" with its details. The method of capturing this legendary Pokemon was also revealed.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" Necrozma details

According to the official website of the Pokemon Database, the Necrozma is a psychic type Pokemon and can only be acquired in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" game. For the Sun version, it is a life-form that has been sleeping underground and was thought to be from another world in ancient times. For the Moon version, it is revealed that light is its source of energy, extremely vicious, and it is constantly firing laser beams.

The Necrozma has the ability of the Prism Armor, which reduces the power of super effective attacks taken. It has several moves that can be learned as it levels up, but the noticeable ones are Prismatic Laser, Wring Out, Gravity, and Stealth Rock.

This legendary Pokemon has two strengths, but it has several weaknesses that the owner has to be wary of. It is resistant to fighting and psychic moves and normal to the rest of the type defenses except for three types. It has weaknesses against bug, ghost, and dark attacks.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" method of capturing Necrozma

According to USGamer, to capture "Pokemon Sun and Moon's" legendary Pokemon Necrozma, players have to capture all of the Ultra Beast in the island. After that is done, the Looker will inform the player of a black shadow flying around Alola's skies. This is the legendary Pokemon he is talking about and they can find him at the Farthest Hollow on Ten Carat Hill.

When players find and fight the Necrozma, it has a level of 75 and a psychic type. They can take advantage of that by using ghost, bug, and dark Pokemon types to fight and weaken it. Since it is not an Ultra Beast, it can be caught by regular Pokeballs like Great Balls, Ultra Balls, and Master Balls.

Check out the How to Catch Necrozma video below:

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