Important ‘Pokemon Go’ Known, Unknown Tips, Tricks Fans Should Know About [VIDEO]


"Pokemon Go" is the most popular video game right now even though its popularity rating has gone down. Many players till play it and the die-hard fans still check out some of the nostalgic Pokemons out there in the wild. Here are some of the important known and unknown tips and tricks a fan should know about when playing the mobile game.

"Pokemon Go" players should be prepared

According to Eurogamer, fans and players of "Pokemon Go" should be prepared to travel around their cities and towns if they want rare Pokemons. They should definitely check out specific areas like rivers for water type Pokemons, power plants for electrical type Pokemons, and many more. If the area is more specific, then it would make the chances better of getting a specific type of Pokemon.

"Pokemon Go" daily bonuses

Players should check their "Pokemon Go" daily bonuses whenever they can since it has been implemented for a while now. It can give them some decent sized rewards like important potions, candies, Pokeballs, and many more.

"Pokemon Go" smart egg hatching

Eggs can be accessed right at the start of "Pokemon Go" and players can put them inside an incubator, which can be used anytime. For multiple egg-hatching, it is best that they should purchase more incubators so it would be more efficient for them. Putting the longer-lasting eggs in the finite supply will make the incubators last longer.

"Pokemon Go" Revive importance and get candies ready

In "Pokemon Go," there are times that the opponent will be too difficult to defeat and it will wipe out several Pokemons. This is why having a Revive item at the ready is really important. If players do not have any Revives left, then they should use a Candy through a Power Up or Evolve feature and the Pokemon will come back to life.

"Pokemon Go" AR should be turned off to make capturing easier

According to PC Mag, turning off the AR of "Pokemon Go" will make Pokemon capture easier. While it is part of the fun for the mobile game, it actually adds some difficulty for some players when capturing the Pokemon. It also makes Pokemon captures not awkward for other people who are nearby the players playing it.

Check out the "Pokemon Go" Tips and Tricks video below:

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