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Jun 22, 2016 12:43 PM EDT

Trump’s Campaign Swims in Social Media Mockery: Sarcasm turns Affordable! [VIDEO]


The #TrumpSoPoor contra-campaign goes viral on Twitter!

This social media campaign aims none other than to openly make fun of the quoted losing political campaign of Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump over presumptive democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

The social media contra-campaign mechanized by certain Twitter account holders also faces rough backlashes from Trump fans, Fox 13 reported.

Social media and political analysts were not very certain as to what ignited the fire for such mockery. But others have decided that the most possible fire-starter to this is the Federal Election Commission's report in Monday that consequentially compared both Clinton and Trump's funds in a black-and-white sheet.

Apparently, the attitude of the contra-campaign loses all wits to sarcasm, irony and abject humiliation. The series of posts were seen to be direct in tone and open in intention.

Nevertheless, most find the posts to be extremely funny.

One post by Growing Up Mexican  in Twitter foes over Trump's campaign and jokes on how poor he has emerged through it.

Another post by Gigi Guerriero angles on Trump's xenophobic views by stating that Trump's campaign have gotten so poor since it has not been funded by Clinton's Saudi cash.

The #TrumpSoPoor continues to circulate heavily over the web as ravaged Trump fans strike back with their might.

Meanwhile, by personal actions, Trump confidently singles out Clinton and currently plans to start a "full-frontal assault" on her.

Previously, Trump was heavily displeased with Clinton's "Open Borders Immigration Policies" and promises to save America from downgraded wages, NBC News reported.

Now as if taken by a surge of want, Trump's campaign immediately launches a very efficient response team. Accordingly, the team does not only focus on the overrated contra-campaign post, but strikes with an even bigger agenda of destabilizing, if not preventing Clinton's hold to the throne, NBC News again reported.

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