University of Oregon Fraternity Trashes Lake Shasta; Officials Apologize and Investigates Incident


Frat and sorority parties are a norm for college students and it is mostly done on campus grounds. However, when hundreds of college students camped on Slaughterhouse Island in Lake Shasta, California, the students left with more than just a hangover. Hundreds of leftover trash and University of Oregon gear were left in the reservoir and park rangers are in distress by the sizeable damage.

Evidence of Trash Presumably Left by University of Oregon College Students Circulate Online

A massive frat and sorority party by University of Oregon college students happened over the weekend. The aftermath of the party was made clear when photos of trash and personal belongings left at the Shasta Lake reservoir circulated online. Park rangers noticed about 90 tents, sleeping bags, alcohol, ice chests and garbage left on the party site.

Shasta Trinity National Forest spokesperson Phyllis Swanson said that they found some of the things belonged to University of Oregon's Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. They are used to college frat and sorority parties but not to the particular extent of the damage and the clean up they had to do after the weekend, Willamette Week reported. Swanson says that they are low on resources and they would need extra help with the cleaning up because they have to do it before the Memorial Day weekend.

So far, the rangers have accumulated over 10 cubic yards of trash from the site, SFGate shared. It is unclear if they will be able to clear out the Lake Shasta area where the University of Oregon college students partied.

The photos taken at the Shasta Lake where the University of Oregon college students partied were posted on Facebook. It has been shared more than 48,000 times.

University of Oregon Responds to Lake Shasta Incident

VP for Student Life Robin Holmes has issued a press release saying the University of Oregon is taking measures to investigate the Lake Shasta Incident. He adds that the frat and sorority parties in the area are not sanctioned or sponsored by the university and the massive damage left was found "disgraceful" by the institution's officials.

Furthermore, Lambda Chi Alpha suspended all its chapter's activities with the investigation ongoing. Holmes expects the same for other fraternities and sororities to follow the lead.

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