Princeton University: Psychology Professor Publishes Career 'CV of Failures' To Encourage Perseverance


Princeton University assistant professor of psychology and public Johannes Haushofer, posted a CV of academic programs and papers that were rejected and more. The Princeton University hopes to encourage those who are struggling with their careers to persevere in the face of rejections as he wouldn't have been where he is if not for the failures along the way.

Princeton University Johannes Haushofer and His CV of Failures

Assistant professor Johannes Haushofer posted his CV of Failures on Twitter last month and titled it as a "publication." The unusual CV showcased most of his failures and rejections in his academic career. Some of these include degree programs he wasn't able to to get into, awards and scholarships he did not get as well as academic positions and fellowships he was not able to receive.

The Princeton University professor wrote the CV to be able to provide another point of view for those who are trying to succeed in their field. He surmises that his success at the university would not have been possible if not for the failures he had along the way.

Failures and Rejections are Subjective

Princeton University professor Haushofer explains that most career people who have been rejected tend to overthink and mull over their failures instead of trying again. He explains that failures and rejections are subjective and admission or awards may be based on the moods of selection committees and their performance, The Guardian noted.

CV of Failures Becoming a Trend?

Princeton University professor Haushofer admitted that he isn't the first person to publicize a CV of Failures. He credited University of Edinburgh lecturer Melanie I. Stefan. She published her CV of failures in the journal Nature in 2010. Many CV of failures were published since then including Haushofer's.

When the Princeton University professor posted his CV of failures on Twitter, it was met with positive reactions from the netizens. Most were thankful and thought it was brave and inspiring.

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