'Mafia 3' Update: Release Date; Collector's Edition; New Story Trailer Revealed


The 2K Games will release "Mafia 3" on October 7. Developer Hangar 13 offers the installment of this action-adventure video game with deluxe edition and collector edition packages for the fans. Haden Blackman, 2K Games executive and former LucasArts project leader behind Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, promises that the franchise still has strong narratives.

Furthermore, the game features new trailer, cars and great music as well. As reported by Play Station Lifestyle, songs including "House of The Rising Sun" and "Paint It Black" are among tons of other 60s great music to be featured.

Talking about the setting and story, "Hangar 13" system designer, Seth Rosen, explained about 'behind the scene' of how "Mafia 3" involves 'life' surrounds the player. Announcing the release date at the Game Developers Conference San Francisco, the developer also mentions a little detail on the new trailer, as reported by The Telegraph.

The story revolves around Lincoln Clay, orphan and protagonist, living with his new family. After the rest of his family members are slaughtered and betrayed by Italian mafia, Clay plots a revenge to the mob. The Vietnam War veteran is on a journey to establishing crime organization in New Bordeaux. It is hard boiled and full of loyalty-revenge backdrop. The brutal war progresses on building his empire that transforms the city.

The Deluxe Edition of "Mafia 3" will include access to the post-release content that gamers can download. It will be sold at $80. As for the Collector's Edition, there will be digital items from Deluxe Edition and vinyl of original game score. In the package, fans will be able to collect art book and prints, too. It will cost $150 but early-bird order will receive weapons at launch and  Family Kick-Back of three vehicles in lieutenant theme.

Gotta Be Mobile learned that the previous installment, "Mafia 2", has received positive feedbacks since the first release five years ago for consoles such as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. And the "Mafia 3" release date announced is breeze of fresh air for the fans since many have requested so.

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