The Elder Scrolls

No More Remaster Games, Bethesda Might Plan For "The Elder Scrolls 6" But Hasn't Entered Dev Stage

Jan 10, 2017 AM EST Bethesda VP Pete Hines this week announced that the "Skyrim: Special Edition" is a one-off and that there won't be any new special edition versions of its widely popular Elder Scrolls role-playing ...

'The Elder Scrolls 6' News And Update: ‘The Elder Scrolls 6,’ a sequel to the ‘Skyrim’? What Can Be Expected

Dec 19, 2016 AM EST Players have been waiting for the update on 'The Elder Scrolls 6' much more on what they are going to see in the next sequel.

‘The Elder Scrolls 6’ Release Date, News & Update: Bethesda Not Working On The Sequel? Sequel Not Coming On 2017 Or 2018?

Dec 16, 2016 AM EST Developer Bethesda Studio has been very busy these past few months and has confirmed a sixth installment to 'The Elder Scrolls' series. However, the growing popularity of Virtual Reality technology on ...

‘The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim’ Updates, Rumors: Next ‘TES’ Iteration Eyes Nintendo Switch Mods Gaming

Dec 13, 2016 AM EST Bethesda's most anticipated game, "The Elder Scrolls VI," is expected to offer a new incredible gaming experience on the game franchise's latest iteration, as an added content for other game titles is ...

'Skyrim Special Edition' Mod To Remaster 'The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion'; Bethesda To Support Nintendo Switch [VIDEO]

Dec 10, 2016 AM EST After Bethesda and Sony released a modding support for the "Skyrim: Special Edition," fans have been working on releasing a mod that will remaster "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion,"

'The Elder Scrolls: Online' News: Homestead Update Coming In February 2017; Bethesda Improves Crown Store! [VIDEO]

Dec 10, 2016 AM EST Bethesda will be releasing the Homestead update for "The Elder Scrolls: Online" in 2017. Moreover, fans can expect new content added by the developers to improve the Crown Store.

'The Elder Scrolls: Online' Celebrates Orsinium's Anniversary; Bethesda Holds 'The Elder Scrolls: Legends' Tournament At PAX Australia 2016 [VIDEO]

Nov 04, 2016 PM EDT Bethesda celebrates the one-year anniversary of the "Orsinium" DLC for "The Elder Scrolls: Online" by giving its fans some goodies this November.

‘The Elder Scrolls 6’ News, Reviews & Updates: New Game Development; Bethesda Reviews Hurts Gamers {VIDEO]

Nov 03, 2016 PM EDT Despite several rumors circulating regarding the development and release of Bethesda's "The Elder Scrolls 6," no official announcments have been made, but fans of the game remain up and about to find ...

'The Elder Scrolls 6' Latest Update, News And Release Date Revealed; Debuting This Year? [RUMORS]

May 31, 2016 AM EDT Although there is no specific release date associated with "The Elder Scrolls 6," and Bethesda has remained mum and has divulged no details, it's safe to say though that the game will make an ...

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