'The Elder Scrolls: Online' News: Homestead Update Coming In February 2017; Bethesda Improves Crown Store! [VIDEO]


Most fans and avid gamers alike have witnessed "The Elder Scrolls" franchise grow further and further as Bethesda expands the universe of its acclaimed series. With the release of "The Elder Scrolls: Online" and the additional content rolled out by its developer, ZeniMax Online Studios, fans are treated with more goodies as the game will expect another update called Homestead. Moreover, Bethesda has added some new content to improve its Crown Store, according to sources.

Bethesda has just recently celebrated the anniversary for one of its biggest DLC for "The Elder Scrolls: Online" last month, University Herald reported. It was stated therein that the Orsinium DLC, which was originally released in November of 2015, brings player to the homeland of the Orcs ruled by King Kurog and help restore its lost glory.

That being said, fans will be expecting another update to "The Elder Scrolls: Online" with the Homestead DLC, VG24/7 learned. It was said that fans can expect this update to be rolled out for the game by February of 2017, which will also be made available to fans for free.

It was mentioned that fans can choose from nearly forty unique homes when starting a home base for "The Elder Scrolls: Online" game. Moreover, the Homestead DLC update will come with over two thousand furniture items and decorations to embellish their homes.

With this, Bethesda Softworks have also released a trailer video for the upcoming Homestead DLC for "The Elder Scrolls: Online" via their official YouTube channel.

In other news, the developers have also added some new content in attempt to improve the player's experience with the Crown Store feature in "The Elder Scrolls: Online," PC Gamer reported.

It was mentioned by the source that Crown Crates have been added to the Crown Store for "The Elder Scrolls: Online." These crates will contain a randomized selection of consumables and collectibles that will prove useful to fans and are said to be worth more than the price of a single crate.

As such, fans can expect that Bethesda will be continuing to improve "The Elder Scrolls: Online" with future updates and contents, such as the upcoming Homestead DLC coming in February 2017.

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