No More Remaster Games, Bethesda Might Plan For "The Elder Scrolls 6" But Hasn't Entered Dev Stage


Bethesda VP Pete Hines this week announced that the "Skyrim: Special Edition" is a one-off and that there won't be any new special edition versions of its widely popular Elder Scrolls role-playing titles. Hines made the confirmation in a recent interview with Xbox: The Official Magazine.

Despite the existence of Morrowind's Vvardenfell, which recently leaked by dataminers, it seems that Bethesda has no plans to made another visit on the medieval series' classics.

No More Remaster Works On The Elder Scrolls Titles

According to GamesRadar, there won't be any remaster version of the "Skyrim: Special Edition." Hines explained that due to the massive amount of work required for this kind of project, and that Bethesda would prefer to spend and work on something new, which means that the remasters of older titles, such as Oblivion, aren't on the cards and hasn't considered by Bethesda at that time.

For the meantime, fans can expect a new game coming from the game developer in the very near future as a number of big, long-term projects are currently lined-up at Bethesda. But again, fans should not expect "The Elder Scrolls 6" to come anytime soon, according to GameRant. "TES 6" might already on Bethesda's project list but not yet enters the active project status.

The Much-Awaited: The Elder Scrolls 6 Release Date

Right now, there is not much information known about Bethesda's plan for "The Elder Scrolls 6" and that the gaming community have no clue when will the sequel comes. After all, the Maryland-based developer can't even get "The Elder Scrolls 6" story straight on whether the sequel has already entered the development stage.

By analyzing Bethesda's track record, one might a good answer on this. Based on its records, it takes Bethesda an average of four to six years to develop and release a new Elder Scrolls installment. This is pretty long for a type of gamers that always on the hunt for a fresh one.

The last "The Elder Scrolls" game did arrive somewhere in 2011, and since Bethesda has just released the Skyrim remastered version, a 2017 or 2018 might be a good answer. But fans shouldn't expect a big announcement or confirmation soon, as Bethesda won't talk its plan for "TES 6."

Also, Bethesda recent works with the remastered version of the "Skyrim Special Edition," can also be considered as Bethesda's way of readying for "The Elder Scrolls 6." Perhaps, this is Bethesda's own way of satisfying gamers' craving for more Elder Scrolls installments.

"The Elder Scrolls 6" might not come this year, but the world is not far away from it. After all, Bethesda didn't confirm the action RPG "Fallout 4" until just a few months before releasing the game in the mainstream.

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