Bethesda Might Be Preparing For 'The Elder Scrolls 6', According To A Recent Job Posting

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Bethesda is once again on the hot seat. The game developer is reportedly readying for the next Elder Scrolls game production, "The Elder Scrolls 6."

Bethesda Might Be Readying Now

According to a recent job Bethesda posting, Bethesda may be seeking a 3D animator for a high-quality in-game animation, possibly on the upcoming sequel "Elder Scrolls 6."

Bethesda's parent company's Zenimax Studios made the job posting on Bethesda's official website, sparking rumors that Bethesda might be looking now for people to work on the next "Elder Scrolls" game.

Rumors are rife on the web that the 3D animator listing will help Bethesda create and develop gameplay animations and to work closely with the studio's game designers, programmers, and artists.

As what GamingBolt explained earlier, which it points out that one of the responsibilities that this new artist will have is to apply some sort of graphic design/animation principles to be able to come up with a high-quality animation, something required for a sequel like the "The Elder Scrolls 6."

The gaming publication believes that the recent job posting could be intended to "Elder Scrolls 6" development because the company is busy beefing up its capability on the animation side. A very serious requirement for today's gaming world.

The game is currently in great needs of help in the graphics engine side and also a new animation system. While the job posting news may sound interesting for most TES players, there's still not much evidence available to suggest that this is for the next Elder Scrolls game.

As Bethesda marketing and public relations head Pete Hines noted many times that Bethesda will only start the development works on the "Elder Scrolls 6" after they complete their ongoing development works on the studio's two new massive game titles. And "The Elder Scrolls 6" is not included on those two massive works.

TES 6 Could Learn More About Morrowind and Skyrim

Bethesda's upcoming action role-playing open fantasy could learn more from Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim, according to GamingBolt.

Morrowind and Skyrim are known to have this kind of incredible focus when it comes to exploration. This might be a good fit for The Elder Scrolls games, which have always focused on exploration as one of their main focal points. And it's not just about exploration, but also in terms of roleplaying, which will give players lots of freedom.

While still a long way to go before the crowd see another Elder Scrolls game, but fans are hoping that Bethesda will be incorporating that good stuff into their future game titles, including "The Elder Scrolls 6."

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