htc sailfish

Google Nexus Phone 2016 Rumors: Pixel, Pixel XL Leaked Specs and Price are Deal-Breakers – Released alongside OS Merge?

Sep 26, 2016 AM EDT A quick review of Google Nexus Phone 2016 latest leaks. From the pricetags to photos of alleged Pixel and Pixel XL - here's what you need to know about Google Nexus Phone 2016!

Google Nexus Phone 2016 Newest Image Leaks! Pixel, Pixel XL ‘Made by Google’ Coming Real Soon – How to Get Notified?

Sep 21, 2016 AM EDT Pixel and Pixel XL are coming real soon! Google just released a short video of what's believed to introduce the two Nexus Phones.

Google Nexus Phone 2016 Specs, Release Date, Rumors: The First Photo Showing Real HTC Sailfish Chassis Leaked

Aug 16, 2016 AM EDT Google Nexus 2016 codenamed Sailfish may have been all over the web but the recent exclusive image leak might confirm all the rants.

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