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Google Nexus Phone 2016: Pixel and Pixel XL will be 'Very Google'; Company Wants to Try Apple's Luck?


The Pixel and Pixel XL is reportedly Google's Nexus Phone released in 2016. The rants quickly shift towards the two phone brandings instead of the specs.

Google Nexus Phone 2016 rumor: What to expect from Google Pixel and Pixel XL

If there is anything that can be confirmed right now, it would be the Android smartphones running Android 7 Nougat. And based on internal sources whom Android Police was speaking to, Google will launch the Pixel and Pixel XL on October 4.

Previously, Sundar Pichai claimed that Google will focus on software and design. The CEO's statement might mean that the company will somewhat have more control on the phones. Probably, working closely with the team to get the best user-experience the way it wants.

This isn't new for Apple. The Cupertino giant has proven to have its device software and hardware synced. And the unification seems to work well when making iPhones.

Google Nexus Phone 2016 rumor: Google Pixel and Pixel XL specs

It is expected that the Google phones will be VR-ready to be compatible with the Daydream. Google Pixel is said to be the name for HTC Sailfish. It will be a 5 inch smartphone with Snapdragon 820 under its hood. There will be a spacious 4GB of RAM paired with 32 GB internal storage and 2,770 mAh battery capacity.

Google Pixel XL or HTC Marlin will be the top-tier sporting 5.5 inch screen. As for the camera duty, the phones will be equipped with 12 MP and 8 MP shooters, as per LlabTooFer tweet.

The previous leak showed HTC filed documents for two smartphones for FCC certification. Multiple reports suggest that the phone maker might build the Google Nexus phones 2016. Aside from the indication that Google will get more involved in the making; there is also a rumor that suggests the brand HTC will not be visible on the phone. Probably it would likely sport a Pixel logo instead of a 'G'?

Check out the roundup of leaks on HTC Sailfish and Marlin below

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