Nexus Phone 2016 Release Date, Rumors: The Leaked Launcher and Fingerprint Gesture that Equip HTC Marlin

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Many reports reveal some interesting information regarding HTC Nexus Phone 2016. The evidences show the specs and launcher believed to be featured in HTC Marlin and Sailfish.

HTC Nexus Phone 2016 - first look at its possible launcher

The drawer app icon is now placed along with a set of icons at the bottom of the home screen. There are two ways to activate the drawer, either by swiping it up or tapping the arrow. You will fine the pinned apps with sections include the apps you frequently open. The search bar has larger size and it is above the app drawer.

The place where Google Search Widget used to sit, is now being occupied by calendar widget. Apparently Google places a tab that when you tap it, it opens Google Now. Android Police who first revealed the launcher doubts that it will appear as it is in the HTC Marlin or HTC Sailfish since Google is fond of tweaking stuffs before launch. Hence it could be possible that it won't be showing up in the Nexus Phone 2016

Aside from the brand new launcher that HTC Nexus 2016 will get, another rumor suggests new feature, fingerprint sensor-related gesture. The sensor will be placed at the back of the phone and it can be used to open notifications, take photos or answer a call. Huawei Honor has this feature and it might be possible that Google wants it too in Nexus Phone 2016.

Nexus Phone 2016 or HTC Nexus 2016 release date

Google has a habit of releasing new Nexus phone each year and previously, it announced two Nexus phones in 2015. And in 2014, it also announced Nexus 6 in October 2014. If Google still follows this pattern, then Nexus fans should expect the tech giant to reveal Nexus Phone 2016 sometime in October this year.

Here's the preview of the launcher that might debut in HTC Google Nexus 2016

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