How the Holidays can Vastly Improve your Health,Studies Show

Dec 28, 2016 PM EST Here's how the holidays can vastly improve your health according to studies.

The Christmas Season And How It Affects your Brain, According to Science

Dec 27, 2016 AM EST Here are some ways on how the Christmas season affects us.

The Holidays: The Truth Behind The Alarming Increase of Heart Attack During Christams Season

Dec 27, 2016 AM EST Researchers from the University of Melbourne has found that there is an alarming increase of heart attack cases in the United States during the holidays.

Science-backed Reason Why You Should Stop Stalking Your Ex this Holiday Season

Dec 24, 2016 AM EST Here's one resolution everybody should try to keep this year: Stop stalking your ex on Facebook.

Perfectionism Needs To Go On A Holiday Too

Dec 23, 2016 AM EST Here's how you can ease your perfectionism and send it too on a holiday during this season.

Tips On How To Stay Healthy During The Holidays

Dec 23, 2016 AM EST Here are the tips to ensure that you can enjoy your holidays while staying healthy.

Santa University, Where All The Clauses Come From

Dec 23, 2016 AM EST What happens inside the school of St. Nicks in training.

Should You Count Your Calorie Intake During Christmas Day Feast ?

Dec 23, 2016 AM EST Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) reported Wednesday that an average person can consume about 6,000 calories on Christmas day alone, not to mention the other calorie intake from other parties ...

Your Christmas Well-Being Is At Hand; Here’s How to Stay Safe and Healthy This Season

Dec 23, 2016 AM EST Here are some tips for staying healthy and safe this season of joy and merry making.

How to Survive the Holidays While Dealing With Chronic Illness

Dec 23, 2016 AM EST Here are some suggestions on how to enjoy the holiday season even when you're dealing with chronic illness.

Carly Simon’s Book Helped Her Daughter Through Her College Life

Dec 22, 2016 AM EST Carly Simon says she obviously does not know her daughter very well.

Tips On How To Have a Merry Christmas and Avoid Disappointments

Dec 21, 2016 AM EST Here's what you need to know about avoiding disappointments and enjoying this merry season.

Bring Back the Holiday Cheer and Beat the Blues with These Helpful Tips

Dec 21, 2016 AM EST Here are the helpful tips and tricks to help you overcome the holiday blues.

Winter Break Must-Read Books While Away From College, According To University of Virginia

Dec 21, 2016 AM EST Looking to read a good book? UVA has a few titles to suggest as students warm up during the holidays.

Petition To Ban Christmas By University of Virginia Students Is Out

Dec 20, 2016 AM EST Christmas is not coming for these particular college students as they petition to ban Christmas on campus.

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