Tips On How To Have a Merry Christmas and Avoid Disappointments

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Christmas is just around the corner, and did you get all your Christmas presents ready yet?

We know how it feels to eagerly open a Christmas present wrapped in a beautifully decorated box only to find something we don't really like.

Viren Swami, Professor of Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University shares the most important things you need to know when it comes to giving and receiving presents this Christmas without feeling disappointed and making the recipient disappointed.

Give a recipient-centric gift

Recipient-centric gifts refer to the gifts that reflects the interests of the person receiving the gifts, and according to studies, this is the type of gifts that are highly preferred. If it's possible for you to find out what interests the recipient of your gift, then it will be much better.

It's not about the money.

A series of studies revealed that most people believe that expensive gifts are highly preferred and appreciated compared to the less expensive ones. However, this is not true because there's really no connection found between the price of the gift and the recipient appreciates the gift. This only goes to show that it is still the thought that counts. It does not matter how much it costs but what matters is that the gift is well thought of.

It' all about giving

Remember that the Christmas season is a time of giving and according to studies, those who spend more of their income to be able to share and give gifts to their loved ones are found to be happier compared to the ones who only spend for themselves. So when you decide to give, make sure you give with a cheerful heart.

Christmas is not all about presents

Gift giving has been a tradition during this season but focusing on the material things will only diminish the value of Christmas. Instead of focusing on these aspects, cultivate your relationships with your loved ones , spend time with the people who matter to you, spend time alone for relaxation - all these will help you have a merrier Christmas.

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