Santa University, Where All The Clauses Come From


There are hundreds Santa Claus in the United States alone. But most of them all come from one place. No, they did not hail from the North Pole. Do not tell the kids but these average American men actually come from a school called Santa University.

It is not easy to put on a red suit. These rosy cheeked and bearded Santa Clauses are graduates of a special school built for the holidays. Santa University turns normal and average looking Americans into the Christmas legend - St. Nicks.

Noerr Programs is a company that caters to everything Christmas. Noerr Programs builds the holiday sets, takes pictures and provides the Santa Claus for the event. Most St. Nicks at the malls around the United States come from Noerr or Santa University, as reported by Fox 6 News.

The Santa University is a four day program that caters to everyone who wants to be Santa for the holidays. The boot camp is based in Arvada, Colorado. According to the company founder Judy Noerr, anyone can join but it is important that to become Santa, the person must have the heart.

When she founded the company in 1981, Noerr used her entrepreneurial skills and love for Christmas to start something special. Her company makes sure that the Santas are up to expectation in time for the holidays. Now, Noerr employs around 350 Santas for the Winter season. According to the publication, every summer 70 of them train at the Noerr Pole - the company headquarters.

At Noerr, the Santa School, the Santa Training, everything in the curriculum is designed to create magic, as reported by Noerr Programs. Did you know that being Santa takes a lot of work? It starts with bleaching the beard, shaping the beard and making sure they learn how to talk like Santa. In fact, all the Santas in Noerr are naturally bearded.

The next time you see a Santa in the mall, take some time to think about the training he went through to become the symbol of the holidays.

Check out the video below to know more about Santa University:

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