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Perfectionism Needs To Go On A Holiday Too


Do people often label you as someone who pays a lot of attention to details, someone who has a knack for punctuality, obsessed with the very tiny details of anything and everything? Though perfectionism is not something that is entirely bad, at times it makes it hard for a person to find simple joys in their everyday lives because they can't seem to be contented with just being good enough. Even in the middle of the holiday celebrations, your being perfectionist can get in the way of simply having fun because you want everything to go according to plan.

Here's how you can ease your perfectionism and send it too on a holiday during this season.

Reflect on the things that you're afraid of

If you think about it, you are a perfectionist because you fear making a mistake, you fear failure, and you fear disappointing other people. It's okay to have a holiday plan in place but you have to learn to accept the fact that you can't be in control of everything and you'll only be wasting your time worrying about the things you cannot control.

Delegate some tasks

It's okay to get organized so that you know the things that you need to prioritize but make sure that you just work within these boundaries. You also have to delegate some responsibilities to others so that you don't entirely lose that sense of control.

Face the stressors head on

If your fear is about the reaction of your loved ones to your gifts or probably the meals you cooked or the party you have organized, you have to realize that you cannot control other people's reactions and emotions but the most important thing there is your intention. What else could go wrong when the only thing you've wanted was to make these people happy, right?

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