How the Holidays can Vastly Improve your Health, Studies Show


Holidays are a perfect time for relaxing, but sometimes, this does not happen because of the busy schedules, gatherings and parties, Christmas shopping and all that. But on the bright side, holidays can also be beneficial to your health, according to studies, and here's how.

Socializing can lead to longer life

When you spend long hours chatting, laughing and having a good time with your friends and family, it may increase your chance of living a longer life. According to research, people with stronger and closer ties are more likely to survive longer compared to those who had less connections. Aside from this, another study suggests that unhealthy social life and loneliness can increase your likelihood to die younger because stress associated with social isolation was said to increase blood pressure.

Acts of kindness such as giving can make you feel great

Research shows that people who give, regardless if they are obligated to do so, are much happier compared to the ones who only spend for themselves. The amount does not really matter because even an amount as small as $5 will be enough to improve your mood. Brain scans reveals that feel-good chemicals in the brain are released when a person gives. This act of kindness does not only make you happy, it also reduces stress levels as well as blood pressure.

Forgiveness makes you feel better

Like what they always say, let bygones be bygones, because when you continue to hold grudges, you will only feel a lot angrier and lonely. Forgiveness does not only do well to your heart, it is also equally beneficial for your physical health because it lowers down your blood pressure and heart rate. It may not come easy but learning and practicing it can do your wonders.

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