Science-backed Reason Why You Should Stop Stalking Your Ex this Holiday Season


Now that we are ready to face a brand new year with a new set of goals to be healthier, more successful and happier, have you also made some resolutions on your emotional wellbeing?

Here's one resolution everybody should try to keep this year: Stop stalking your ex on Facebook.

According to a study, Facebook stalking without engaging with social friends can make people miserable especially during this holiday season. Also, spending a lot of time on the social media where you see happy photos and posts of families can give you feelings and tendencies to compare, which will just result in making you feel bad.

Another reason why you should stop stalking on social media is because it can be emotionally damaging, according to a report by psychologist Tara Marshall.

A study conducted by the University of Copenhagen, tracked online activities of more than 1,300 participants and the researchers found out that regular use of Facebook, as well as other social media platforms can affect a person's wellbeing as well as his satisfaction with life. So in order to resolve this problem, the scientists discourage the use of social media during the Christmas season.

They also added that giving up their obsession on social media and spend more time interacting with people and having fun with friends and family can boost their mood.

The researchers explained that the connectedness brought about by social media is not the kind of connectedness needed by a person for his wellbeing.

Even previous studies on social media suggest that the growing use of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter cause a rise in depression because this can make people question and compare their own lives and making those who are already feeling low to feel worse.

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