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Trump Talks Education Policy, Or Something Like That

Sep 08, 2016 AM EDT Presidential candidate Donald Trump started to describe his stand on education.

Trump University Allegedly Scams A War Widow, $35000 Dollar

Aug 25, 2016 PM EDT Trump Unversity faces allegations about scamming a war widow with $35,000.

Here's What Highly-Successful People Like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson And Arianna Huffington Were Doing When They Were 25

Aug 25, 2016 AM EDT There are some highly-successful people who already reached their goals at a young age.

Are Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton The Answer To The Preservation Of Education?

Aug 07, 2016 AM EDT With only a few days remaining before the presidential elections, people are hopeful that the next president will bring fulfillment to their awaited execution of the plans in US education.

Trump University Academic Controversy: Evidence On Video? [VIDEO]

Aug 05, 2016 AM EDT Trump is ordered by Judge Curiel to stand trial on November for the Trump University fraudulence controversies. Critics are pointing to deposition video footage to Curiel's ditching.

Trump University Lawsuit: Judge Bars Donald’s Video Testimony

Aug 04, 2016 AM EDT The latest Trump U update reveals a video that could potentially slam the Republican presidential candidate.

Dramatic Poll Swings During Political Conventions Explained: To Be Taken With A Grain Of Salt, Says Academics and Political Scientists! [VIDEO]

Aug 04, 2016 AM EDT Recent Poll swings were investigated by academics and political scientists. The best explanation to this phenomenon is the sudden pride boosted up by regular political conventions. Experts tell voters ...

'The Simpsons' Mocked Trump While endorsing Hillary Clinton [VIDEO]

Aug 03, 2016 AM EDT The famous animated cartoon series, The Simpsons, made a standalone video clip showing Marge and Homer Simpson agreeing to vote for Hillary Clinton in the forthcoming election in the United States. ...

Trump University Lawsuit: Donald Trump Loses Bid For Pretrial Win

Aug 03, 2016 AM EDT Donald Trump’s University that defrauded students failed to win bid in pretrial.

Hillary Clinton Slams Mike Pence, Says Donald Trump's VP Choice 'Slashed' Education Funding

Jul 25, 2016 PM EDT According to Hillary Clinton, Mike Pence has "slashed education funding in Indiana" as governor.

Could Brexit And Trump’s Victory Lead To A Nuclear War?

Jul 25, 2016 PM EDT History may be hinting that Brexit and Trump's possible victory could have major repercussions for the world.

Donald Trump's Hunt For A Vice President Is Very Important, Says Princeton University's History & Public Affairs Professor

Jul 12, 2016 PM EDT As the Republican National Convention is fast approaching on July 18, the long-awaited vice president announcement of Donald Trump is getting closer.

Ex-Trump University High-Ranking Executives Run Florida-based Career College

Jun 28, 2016 PM EDT Trump University's former high-ranking executives are now two of the top executives at a Florida-based adult education school, Ultimate Medical Academy.

Trump University Forcibly On Hold upon Foreclosure Crisis

Jun 23, 2016 AM EDT Trump University instructors were urging students to seek out desperate sellers to reap a sudden financial gain, as millions of individuals were deprived of their homes in the depth of an economic ...

Purdue University President Mitch Daniels: The President America Needs?

Jun 19, 2016 AM EDT Is former Indiana governor and currently Purdue University President Mitch Daniels the president America sorely needs? George Will says absolutely

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