Educators Cope With Students' Extreme Stress Over Donald Trump's Victory By Turning Campuses Into Kindergarten


Donald Trump emerging as the President-elect of the United States of America is not warmly welcomed by most universities in the country. There might be mixed opinions over tolerant or concerned educators way of coping with the serious stress experienced by students - but they are in line with psychiatric principles. 

The unexpected result that denied the presidency to a very capable woman Hillary Clinton, who was speculated to be the first woman to become US president has disappointed many students. The shock has even escalated towards the rest of the academe. Educators must do something to aid the mourning students.

The shock has caused changes in the setup of classrooms in universities especially in schools where only a few or no known Donald Trump supporters. The University of Michigan Law School, for instance, came up with the so-called "post-election self-care". Might be funny for some but psychologists would definitely agree with their strategies.

Refreshments are served, helpful play psychologically available in the classrooms coloring books, play dough sets, card-making packs, Legos and some bubbles. They might be law students but the activity can take their minds away from their troubled emotions. They are not just for children but for adults too, based on the report of USA Today.

Stanford informed students and faculty members that psychological counseling is available for those who are experiencing post-election symptoms. The University of Michigan's Flint campus also did the same. Ivy League follows suit, with the University of Pennsylvania which is Trump's alma mater went as far as offering puppy therapy.

UM Law then removed the website announcement when the situation neutralizes and students are already slowly getting back to their normal state. The kindergarten approach like what critics call it really did help the young adults in university campuses, added The Most Important News.

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