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Record Breaking For U.S. Colleges:Enrollment From Abroad Doubles


The number of international students in America has now reached over one million for the very first time for the academic year 2015 to 2016. It almost doubled the number during the last highest record some ten years ago. The 7% increase compared to the last school term added up to the bulk.

However, there are reasons for U.S. schools to be concerned after the victory of Donald trump in the presidency. It would be harder to dominate the educational market place in the global arena with issues like tightening border entries, racism attacks and migrant indifference as observed during the election campaign.

It must be considered also that China is dedicated to compete with the U.S. in the educational front. They have invested heavily to attract students contrary to Donal Trump's flat rate policy to divert spending into his favored systems like charter schools and voucher colleges, as per the Wall Street Journal's report.

Jason Lane, chairman of the Department of News Corp which is a network of leading companies among the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services compared the possible decline during the 9/11 incident. It might has surpassed the one million mark at this point but cancellations are expected following Trump's win.

The act of terrorism  9/11 tragedy might differ from the current threat of Donald Trump against foreigners but the reported instability and chaos in universities as soon as he assumes office are enough to scare prospective interbational students away - and perhaps opt for China instead. 

The fear of some U.S. schools is then very real. It might be temporary during the transition period as Donald Trump has changed his tone of speaking. Sad to say, if there are changes in the educational policies that involves these students, still remain to be seen, according to True Viral News.

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