Giuliani: Charter Schools Will Blossom During The Donald Trump Presidency


Donald Trump's election victory also marks the expansion of charter schools in the country. Not only that he prefers it than the public school system but he will also offer incentives for school operators to embrace. Rudy Giuliani, vice chairman of president-elect Trump's  transition team is confident that it is a priority of the new administration.

The $20 billion school choice idea of Donald Trump will allow 11 million students in the poverty level the opportunity to attend the school of their choice. This is seen to bridge the gap for students having more opportunities from the elite schools than the students in public schools. The federal funding for education will be redirected to this program, according to New York Post.

Grant distribution will be flexible towards favoring states' choices of private schools, charter laws, and magnet educational facilities. This will encourage them to join the federal campaign as Trump will work on the congress as her supports charter school system more than his rival, Hillary Clinton. 

The national teachers' union led by Randi Weingarten was said to have the influence with Hillary Clinton's silence when it comes to the charter school system's endorsement. It is, however, not clear if Clinton is really against the promotion of charter schools.

It is speculated that the election result will give mixed blessings. Republicans seem to have control of the New York State Senate while voters in Massachusetts rejected the increase of the number of charter schools. Also, Mayor de Blasio is resisting to allow charter schools in public school vicinity. 

The charter school preference of Donald Trump inspires schools to expand their facilities following the same system just like Syracuse in Bew York that is now on their 3rd charter school after the recent approval, based on the report on the Syracuse website.

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