Racially Charged Incidents Worsen At US Universities , Stephen Bannon's Appointment As Chief Strategist A Cause?


Outgoing President Barack Obama calls on Americans to let incoming President Donald Trump make decisions as he deemed appropriate for the nation. He can be evaluated after his two years in office if people like the outcome or not.

However, his appointment of Stephen Bannon as chief strategist, somewhat confirms his racism ideologies as per critics. Bannon is the former head of Breitbart News and known for his anti-semitic, obvious nationalist and racist opinions, says New York Times.

University of Oklahoma student was suspended pending investigation on his alleged threat against a Muslim student that happened close to the University of Michigan. Racist incidents in educational establishments are reported by The Associated Press and other media.It is also noted that students from Oklahoma got engaged  with an anti-black group of students from the University of Pennsylvania, where Trump graduated.

University of Pennsylvania President ,Amy Gutmann is working with the FBI to address the issue. They have increased campus security for added safety. University of Oklahoma President David Boren also suspends the students involved but confident that the racism act did not start from their school.

What's worrying is the report in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A man allegedly threatened a Muslim student to burn her  if she won't remove her hijab. It happened adjacent to the University of Michigan campus. Sgt. Patrick Maguire is already investigating the incident.

The Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations condemns the anti-Muslim acts after Donald Trump became president. It urges the government to forcefully discourage anti-Muslim behaviors happening right now, as suggested by Dawud Walid, its executive director after expressing his concern.

This is not different however when Barack Obama, America's first black president was elected in 2008. There was also evidence of resistance at that time. Meanwhile. anti-Trump protests happen in places like Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland, Oregon, and New York, according to ABC News.

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