Death Stranding

'Death Stranding' Release Date, News & Update: Stranding Development Is Now On Full Throttle, Hideo Kojima Readies Decima Engine For Battle

Jan 02, 2017 AM EST Last year may not have been a good year for Japanese video creator Hideo Kojima after his high-profile fallout Konami, his former employer. But despite a difficult year, Kojima is still going strong ...

'Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain' Female Character Quiet Stefanie Joost To Join Hideo Kojima's 'Death Stranding' [Rumors]

Dec 23, 2016 AM EST Japanese gaming legend Hideo Kojima has been working with Japanese game developer Konami for nearly 30 years, creating sequels and prequels for the "Metal Gear Solid" game series. "Metal Gear Solid 5" ...

'Metal Gear Solid' Creator Hideo Kojima Praises Rockstar Games Work On GTA 5, Reveals His Most Anticipated 2017 Game & Movie

Dec 22, 2016 PM EST Former Konami and 'Metal Gear Solid' creator Hideo Kojima, like the rest of gamers, is looking forward to the games coming out next year. The Japanese video game creator has told media that Rockstar's ...

Death Stranding Has A Hidden Quantum Mechanics Message [VIDEO]

Dec 19, 2016 AM EST Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding has a hidden quantum message. Can you find out where?

'P.T. Silent Hills' Demo Files Leaks More Info About Kojima's Plans; Norman Reedus As Adam In 'Death Stranding' [VIDEO]

Dec 17, 2016 AM EST Dataminers have looked further into the demo game "P.T. Silent Hills" and have found files that might shed more light into Kojima's intention for the franchise.

'Death Stranding' Update: Hideo Kojima's Latest Game To Use The GroundBreaking Decima Game Engine, Will Kojima's Latest Game Live To Its Promises?

Dec 16, 2016 PM EST Hideo Kojima's upcoming "Death Stranding" is about to get a huge facelift this year. The upcoming open world action game continues to evolve after its introduction Sony's E3 2016 Conference.

'Death Stranding' News: Hideo Kojima & Guerrilla Games Partnership To Raise Bar; New Trailer Is More Twisted! [VIDEO]

Dec 06, 2016 AM EST Notable players in the gaming industry praises the partnership between Kojima Productions and Guerilla Games, which resulted in the anticipated "Death Stranding" game.

Guillermo del Toro Still Upset With Konami Cancelling 'Silent Hills'; Hideo Kojima Praised For Upcoming 'Death Stranding' [VIDEO]

Dec 05, 2016 AM EST After Konami abruptly canceled "Silent Hills," Guillermo del Toro still had some harsh words to say to the company. However, Hideo Kojima has been getting a lot of praises for his upcoming "Death ...

New ‘Death Stranding’ Trailer Revealed At Game Awards By Kojima [VIDEO]

Dec 03, 2016 PM EST Hideo Kojima reveals a new "Death Stranding" trailer to The Game Awards 2016 audience. Film director Guillermo Del Toro and actor Mads Mikkelsen were featured in the video.

Hideo Kojima Will Be Attending RTX Sydney 2017 [VIDEO]

Nov 17, 2016 PM EST “Metal Gear” franchise creator and veteran game designer Hideo Kojima will be a special guest at RTX Sydney in 2017. The event details are also revealed and it is expected that 20,000 attendees ...

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