Death Stranding Has A Hidden Quantum Mechanics Message [VIDEO]


Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding made its debut at the PlayStation Expo 2016 and received rave reviews from fans and critics. After the trailer release, fans then delved into various theories what the game will be about. Such speculation and interest about the theme and the story is normal for any Kojima game. In fact, he already declared that the game has actually begun and that players are free to interpret the game based on the trailer. One of the most interesting finds have been the hidden quantum mechanics message in-game.

The game trailer is already filled with symbolism. Every element, every word has been carefully chosen to reveal without being too obvious about it. One notable element is the necklace Norman Reedus' character was wearing. At first glance, it looked like a bunch of USB sticks but Kojima said they were "dog tags." However, when you zoomed in the high-resolution image of the necklace, you will find two scientific equations in each necklace - the Schwarzschild radius and the Dirac equation.

The Schwarzschild radius, also called the gravitational radius, is an equation that is related to black holes. In quantum physics, if the mass of an object is compressed, it becomes a black hole.For example, if you compress the mass of the Earth to 0.9cm, it will become a black hole.The formula was created by Karl Schwarzschild which states that any radius smaller than the Schwarzschild radius is called a black hole.

The other equation was called the Dirac equation developed by British physicist Paul Dirac. The equation is related to electromagnetic fields and quarks. A lot of physicist often view it as one of the most elegant and beautiful mathematical equations. However, the most significant contribution it brought to quantum mechanics is by bringing together Einstein's theory of relativity with how tiny objects behave. As a result, Dirac was able to describe how electrons behave when they travel in the speed of light.

Both equations show that even the littlest thing matters and have huge physical impact in the world around us. Whether it is what Kojima wanted to convey in Death Stranding or not, no one knows for sure.

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