'Death Stranding' Update: Hideo Kojima's Latest Trailer Fascinates Fans? Mysterious Symbols, Signs, And Everything About The Game Finally Revealed [Video]


Renowned Japanese game creator Hideo Kojima is making a strong comeback in the gaming market, with his latest title "Death Stranding." The upcoming game is the first title released under Hideo's now independent game development studio Kojima Productions after the termination of their contract with the Japanese gaming giant Konami.

The Japanese video game creator is well-known for game's story, gameplay, and graphics, according to Filmoria. Kojima has already released two teaser trailers for the upcoming game Death Stranding, which both have fascinated viewers to the aforementioned story of the game.

The first trailer, which has been revealed at E3 2016, has added some excitement for the crowd along with some confusion. As is the standard with any Hideo Kojima-made titles, the first trailer gave the fans a glimpse at Norman Reedus' character, the game's major character. However, it doesn't reveal much information regarding the title, instead, it left a number of fascinating symbols, which require deeper knowledge and understanding.

The second trailer fascinates fans?
Compare to the first one, the second trailer was a little bit longer and revealed a much closer look at the post-apocalyptic world that the title will be taking place in. The second trailer opens up some creepy stuff and hints a number of metaphors that point out to something. Like, for example, is the umbilical cord that connects Norman Reedus and the baby, which said to fascinated audience about its true meaning. The baby's umbilical cord, according to Youtube user RagnaRox, symbolizes the connection of two living things where one living thing gives life to another one.

The second trailer also takes the crowd in a rapture-like world, filled with millions of dead animals. The rapture, in Christian eschatology, has something to do with the end times or the last day of humankind. This belief holds also the judgment day, which everyone will be judged.

Death Stranding not using Decima engine in the first trailer?
In a recent interview with IGN, game creator Hideo Kojima has finally confirmed that the first teaser for the game, which was released earlier this year, was not running in Decima game engine. At that time, according to reliable sources, the creator has some problem about deciding on what engine he would use for the game.

Also in the said interview, Kojima also discussed why he decided to go with the Decima engine for the game development. Kojima said that the engine is well-suited to the tools and system of an open-world game like the "Death Stranding."

Kojima's "Death Stranding" will be coming to PC and PlayStation 4 sometime in 2018.

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