'Death Stranding' Release Date, News & Update: Stranding Development Is Now On Full Throttle, Hideo Kojima Readies Decima Engine For Battle


Last year may not have been a good year for Japanese video creator Hideo Kojima after his high-profile fallout Konami, his former employer. But despite a difficult year, Kojima is still going strong with his own gaming studio and is now happy to announce its next game project -- "Death Stranding."

Tweeting on his official Twitter account, Kojima announced that he was proud of what he's accomplished last year, especially with the announcement of "Death Stranding," according to PlayStation LifeStyle.

The year 2016 has always been a rough year for some developers with all the game delays and challenges each experienced. However, there are still plenty of good things and accomplishment made despite these challenges and Hideo Kojima's accomplishments and upcoming project "Death Stranding" are one of those that shines the most.

After leaving the Japanese gaming giant Konami, following some extremely poor workplace condition during the "Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain" development, Kojima has decided to take another route. He created a new game with his own game development team, Kojima Productions. Kojima is working alongside Sony on the PS4 exclusive "Death Stranding" that will be announced earlier this year.

Guerilla Games' Decima Engine to undergo massive changes for "Death Stranding"

It's been reported earlier that Hideo Kojima and his company will use the groundbreaking Guerrilla Games' Decima Game Engine for "Death Stranding." However, there are reports emerging that claim that the legendary Japanese video game creator is not satisfied with the current Decima Engine setup. It also adds that Kojima may not like the idea of borrowing other people's technology.

GameBolt was the first to break the news and said that the Decima Engine might be undergoing some sort of modifications in accordance with Hideo Kojima's current requirement for his cerebral "Death Stranding." The Japanese video designer is said to be aiming for a different visual style than Horizon Zero Dawn, so the massive modifications have been required for the upcoming game. Hideo Kojima is currently working on his own studio first title "Death Stranding."

Not much information is known about this game at this time, but a recent trailer for "Death Stranding" that has been shown off earlier this month hints a powerful game with a star-studded cast.

Hideo Kojima's latest title "Death Stranding" is due to launch on PS4 and Windows PC.

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