Cryptic Game 'Death Stranding' Gets Explanation from Hideo Kojima; Inspiration Behind the "Game that the Market Needs Right Now" Revealed


Hideo Kojima recently gave insights about his cryptic, new game "Death Stranding." He said that they wanted to create a game different from the rest, and is something that the market really needs now. He said that it is an action game with a certain depth to it.

Why Death Stranding is the game that the world need right now

In an interview, Kojima said "Death Stranding" is an open-world game that let's players do a lot of stuff with a lot of freedom, Game Spot reported. When Kojima started his new studio, he asked what game he needs now, and what the market needs now. With those things in mind, and the idea of creating something totally different, they went for "Death Stranding."

What Hideo Kojima Says

Kojima said they wanted to make a game that is somehow connected to how the world is at present, WWG reported. He said the game can cater to people who like to play shooting games, but "Death Stranding" is very intuitive and immersive. The game offers a new kind of depth that fans have never seen before.

He didn't give much detail on the gameplay, but he said it can satisfy shooter game fans, as well as other gamers who aren't into those things. He also talked about the wonders brought by Guerilla Game's engine for "Death Stranding." It would be something familiar to "Horizon: Zero Dawn" fans.

He said that Guerilla Games in Amsterdam is ahead of the rest of the companies in the industry. They can bring photo-realistic images and rich colors to an open-world. Having an open-world environment is a big change to Kojima's 31st game considering that he usually makes action games in a single-player environment.

"Death Stranding" may let players take on each other in an open-world online environment, but not necessarily with guns and usual weapons alone.

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