Kojima's Tweeted Messages Hints Something About 'Death Stranding' But Kojima Remains Quiet About The Game


Upcoming open-world action game "Death Stranding" is getting some buzz this week. The game's lead designer and creator, Hideo Kojima, has recently made some intriguing posts on Twitter. Kojima has been reportedly hinting something about the upcoming game.

Kojima Productions Lead Designer Hideo Kojima had recently posted a teaser about the upcoming game "Death Stranding" on his official Hideo Kojima Twitter account. According to GamingBolt, the Japanese video game legend has tweeted a picture of toys that look like himself and Mads Mikkelsen, who is also starring in the upcoming action game "Death Stranding." In the tweeted message, It looked like Kojima was playing out some sort of scene with those toys that could possibly hint at the upcoming game's narrative elements and even storyline. Unfortunately, Kojima made no further comment about the Twitter story, thus leaving gamers and Kojima fans on the mid-air.

Kojima quickly response to Twitter, saying that he's not playing around. Unfortunately, the crowd is still clueless about Kojima's recent behavior. They're still figuring out if Kojima hinting something about the game. People can only speculate, with no clear explanation about what the Japanese video game legend really want to say. It's a huge question mark that waiting for a quick answer.

Meanwhile, as mentioned earlier by Video Games Republic, Kojima also believes that games that featured some big Hollywood actors would get a chance to rise to popularity. Kojima talked lots about this and even mentioned how creating movies and games would have the same development process. This has opened the door for lots of interesting question whether or not Kojima would include other actors as well.

As for the "Death Stranding" game, Hideo Kojima has decided to maintain radio silent about the game. Kojima remained quiet as the involvement of other stars aside from Norman Reedus. With this kind of behavior, Kojima has been seen by the gaming industry for being noncommittal in the gaming industry since he has not yet revealed and shared much information about the game which also led to some speculation that the title won't hit the shelves soon.

Developed by the Kojima Productions, "Death Stranding" is an upcoming open world action game that been set in an open world environment. "Death Stranding," which also said to include some multiplayer functions, is the first title by Hideo Kojima and his newly founded company following the 2015 disbandment of his company, Kojima Productions, as a subsidiary of the Japanese gaming giant Konami. Amazingly, Kojima decided to change course and launched it as an independent game studio.

"Death Stranding" was officially announced at Sony's E3 2016 conference and has entered full game development in 2017. Not much information is known about the game, except for one thing, game publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment will be releasing the game exclusively on its game console, PlayStation 4.

As for the game's release date, there still no official words about this. However, latest rumors and multiple sources suggest that "Death Stranding" might come out early 2018 or before 2019, a few months before the movie Akira make its debut.

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