Back-To-School Budgeting Tips: How To Go From Full-Time Employee To Full-Time Student

Sep 01, 2016 AM EDT How to go back to school after being able to enjoy the perks of getting a salary.

What A Photography Consultant Learned About Finance In His Transition From College Student To Young Professional

Aug 31, 2016 AM EDT How to transition from college student to young professional financially.

A Simple Budgeting Rule For College Students

Aug 29, 2016 AM EDT This simple budgeting rule can be very useful for college students.

4 Finance Apps Every College Student Needs

Aug 26, 2016 AM EDT These apps can help students budget their way through college.

5 Smart Ways Students Can Decorate Their Dorm Without Spending Too Much

Aug 24, 2016 AM EDT Decorate your dorm on a budget.

ASU Sorority Denies $200,000 Price Tag On Recruitment Video

Aug 18, 2016 AM EDT An Arizona State University sorority insisted that their recruitment video was not as expensive as it looks.

Should You Bring Your Car To Campus? Here Are The Costs

Aug 18, 2016 AM EDT Before deciding to bring your car to campus, there are three costs that you should know about.

Houston School Board Approves Renaming Of District Schools, Slammed For Hefty Multi-Million Dollar Budget

Aug 15, 2016 AM EDT The Houston school board has approved the renaming of eight schools with Confederate ties.

$1 Billion Budget For Early Childhood Education: Jumpstart To Academic Success? [VIDEO]

Aug 01, 2016 PM EDT The roadmap to successful academic platform has been drawn with the expanded $1 Billion or more federal budget all focused on early childhood education.

Paying For College: The Price Of Education

Jul 27, 2016 PM EDT The price of today's education is high.

Hillary Clinton Slams Mike Pence, Says Donald Trump's VP Choice 'Slashed' Education Funding

Jul 25, 2016 PM EDT According to Hillary Clinton, Mike Pence has "slashed education funding in Indiana" as governor.

The FBI's Secret Surveillance Budget Is Close To Be At $1 Billion, Report Says

Jun 29, 2016 AM EDT The FBI has reportedly “hundreds of millions of dollars” allotted on developing hidden surveillance to be used in national security, as well as aid in domestic law enforcement investigations.

Lee County Officials Plan to Reduce Funding for UF Extension Programs

Aug 27, 2013 AM EDT University of Florida officials have criticized Lee County’s decision to cut funding for Extension Services — a 91-year-old program that teaches residents on gardening, sustainable farming and ...

USNH Requests the Government to Restore Its Funding To $100 Million

Jan 19, 2013 AM EST The University System of New Hampshire is urging the government to restore its funding to $100 million a year in the next biennial budget.

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